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The application for the Class of 2027 at SOTA, SAMI, and IDEA is now open. 

Use the link below to complete an interest form and receive an email with the full application.

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Who Can Apply?

We accept applications from students who live within and outside of Tacoma Public Schools boundaries. Students who live within the TPS boundaries are given priority enrollment. Acceptance is based on a regional lottery.

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view of environmental learning center at pt. Defiance park
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Why SAMi

Though all aspects of a well-rounded high school education are fully present, SAMI’s science and math focus allows students to take personal ownership in their education in a small intentional community with others who share their interests. By integrating students’ learning around their passions, students come to understand the relevance of their work in every discipline.

Located at Point Defiance Park, SAMI students study amidst more than 702 acres of natural old growth forests, saltwater beaches, and spectacular views, with endless possibilities for recreation, hands-on learning, and science and math education. Students take classes at the marine center, zoo, and aquarium as part of their normal schedule, as well as in classrooms and labs built in and around the natural forest and marine facilities.

Programs & Activities at SAMi

students look down at water

The unique environments encourage students to take ownership of their education and become an integral part of the community.

Sami Days

We build a cohesive community of learners by starting our school year with a 2-day instructional retreat for all students. Goals of the retreat include introduction of coursework materials, school culture building, and Mentor Group bonding. ​

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The Mentor Group is a four-year, multi-age class where students learn four outcomes through our pillars the younger students learning from the older ones and their Mentor.


Our Students in Action


At SAMi- We believe in the collective.

We believe in the value of community and use the resources of our community for learning.  We are situated in a 702 -acre park on the Puget Sound with a living history museum, old growth forest, vibrant waterways, historic gardens and an award winning zoo and aquarium.  To support student thinking and developing dreams for after high school, we offer two pathways; natural sciences and physical sciences so the classroom is the park itself.  Moving forward as a community, is what SAMI is all about.