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Spring 2021 Mentor Group Locations

     Staff for 2021-22       

      Mentor Location       

Beard, Alexis

Portable I, Camp 6

Brown, Chelsea

205, ELC

Chin, Hannah

Zoo B, Zoo

DeWine, Mary

ZOO A, Zoo

Farewell, Sandy

Portable G, Camp 6

Felix, Rob

Lower Pagoda

Folsom-Hill, Alexa

Portable J, Camp 6

Hampton, Carrie

Lower ELC

Hashagen, Troy

104, ELC

Jawer, Shelby

Portable D, Camp 6

Jost, Maria

Portable C, Camp 6

Knisely, Brett

106, ELC

Lacombe, Allison

Early Learning, ELC

Le, Tran

207, ELC

Levinson, Harris

203, ELC

Lonsdale, Matthew

Aqua, Zoo

Makinde, Olivia

Portable F, Camp 6

Mann, Mary

206, ELC

Matthews, Dustin

Portable A, Camp 6

McLaren, Melissa

Zoo C, Zoo

Olsen, Jospeh

Portable M, Camp 6

Orlando, Kristen

Portable K, Camp 6

Schmitt, Lindley

Portable L, Camp 6

Skaggs, Stephanie

Portable E, Camp 6

White, Duncan

204, ELC

Rand, Jen

208, ELC


Most classes will meet either at:

  • Camp 6 - Portables
  • Environmental Learning Center (ELC)
  • Zoo Classrooms
  • Pagoda

Thanks to Kai - class of 2023 for assistance building this