Free lunch option for all students 

Free hot meals are available to in-school students through the end of this school year. Please pre-order by Sunday night for the following week to reserve your meal. 

Weekly order forms are available in the students' Schoology calendar.

Deadline: Sunday, 11:59 p.m. 


A limited number of meals will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis if students forget to order. 


On remote learning days, students may pick up free ready-to-heat meals at locations throughout the district.

Tacoma Public Schools Nutrition Services

What that means for SAMI students on in-school cohort days 

Tacoma middle school and high school students can get a “megapack” meal at no cost during their lunch period. This will include a heated or ready-to-eat lunch entrée, fruit, vegetable, grain and milk, as well as a variety of breakfast items to use for snack or the next day. 

  • When to pick up: 12:10-1:05 p.m.; Monday/Thursday (Cohort A) and Tuesday/Friday (Cohort B)
  • Where: Upper floor of the Environmental Learning Center
  • How to order lunch online: Students can order free lunch online here by Sunday for the following week (students will need to sign in using their TPS log-in to order)


What does the menu look like? 

You can find your school’s menu by going to and clicking on the “Find Your School’s Menu” tab. This will take you to the menu hub where you can select your school, and the menu, as well as see ingredients, nutrients, and filter for a variety of criteria. (Note: Because of technical limitations, we could not combine the breakfast and lunch menu; the bagged meal your student receives at lunch will contain items from both the breakfast and lunch menus in one bag.)

Sample in-school menu for Tacoma middle schools and high schools 

(Note: Menus may change based on availability of items. Online menu will be updated as needed.) 

  • Monday: Beef rotini bowl, carroteenies, sliced apples, Cheez-It crackers, mini pancakes, apple juice, Amazin’ Raisins (sour watermelon), milk 
  • Tuesday: Chicken burger, carroteenies, Granny Smith apple, strawberry waffle graham cracker, pumpkin bread, apple juice, blueberries, milk 
  • Thursday: Turkey ham (no pork) and cheese sandwich, carroteenies, red delicious apple, bunny snack mix crackers, cinnamon bun, apple juice, peaches cup, milk 
  • Friday: Personal deep dish cheese pizza, carroteenies, applesauce cup, Goldfish pretzel crackers, frosted strawberry Poptart, apple juice, Amazin’ Raisin (sour lemon), milk 


How can I get a meal on remote learning days?  

Go to the Nutrition Services web page at to find a map and times for different meal pickup locations where all kids ages 0 to 18 can get free Grab N Go meals on their remote learning days. Parents or guardians can pick up meals for their children.  

What if my child has a food allergy, sensitivity, or dietary preferences? 

We can only accommodate medically necessary needs at this time. A doctor’s note and accommodation plan need to be on file with your school nurse. Accommodations may take up to two weeks to get appropriate food ordered and to coordinate with the kitchen preparing your meals. (SOTA, SAMI, and IDEA do not have on-site kitchens.) Please coordinate with your school nurse or counselor.  

While our menu does not contain peanut butter, nuts, or pork products, we cannot guarantee that packaged items were processed in a nut-free facility due to the impacts of the pandemic on the food system. 

Requests regarding non-medical dietary preferences such as vegan, vegetarian, non-dairy (unless medically necessary), etc. cannot be accommodated at this time. 

Are there resources to help with carb counting? How can I know the ingredients? 

A link to your school’s menu, including ability to tabulate carbs and other nutrients, see ingredients, and filter for dietary preferences, can be found at  

Who is paying for the free meals? 

This is part of the nation’s COVID response and is supported by USDA reimbursements, currently through an extension of the free summer lunch program to run year-round through August 2021. All students ages 0 to 18 can receive free meals, either on days they are in school, or by picking up a meal at one of our Grab N Go locations during remote learning days.