All School Retreat


Where: Black Lake Camp (Olympia)


  • SAMI - August 26-27 
  • IDEA - August 27-28 
  • SOTA - August 28-29 


SOTA/SAMi/IDEA’s first days of school begins each year with our All-School Retreat (aka “camp”) at Black Lake Camp in Olympia.  As a community, we welcome the new 9th graders and teach them about our Partner School Mission and Vision and Mentor Group purpose.  Mentors, with their mentees (all four grades are represented in Mentor Group for all four years) have time in this retreat setting to get to know each other and share interests, strengths and challenges in a safe space. 

Our Mentor Group Framework, over the four years in a trusting group, seeks to support students to: explore their interests, develop strengths, engage with the community and navigate their post high plan.  At the retreat, students will move through specific classes designed to experience our mission-based pillars; community, empathy, thinking and balance.

The All-School Retreat sets up our community to know each other well, develop relationships and get ready to learn in Pt. Defiance Park.  Senior exit surveys and alumni share that some of their favorite memories are at camp getting to know our community.  It’s all about our community and we need everyone to be ready to love the first days of school!

Camp Details


We are happy to help! Please contact your school's office staff: 

Autumn Falk (  or call (253) 571-2323 (SAMI)

Amber Smith ( or call (253) 571-7900 (SOTA)

Colleen Vick ( or call (253) 571-2555 (IDEA)